Project Dream Challenge

For many years, we all have known we needed a multi-purpose building at Camp Hunt, a building where campers and staff could go on rainy days. It has always been a problem to conduct camp activities and stay warm and dry after two or three days of rain. We also have needed a heated building at camp for various activities during the colder months of the year. God has now opened a door to us for such a building!

Recently, we received a call and were told that a family has offered a 2:1 match in funds for a multipurpose building that would be large enough to accommodate activities for campers and staff on rainy and cold days.

Just think what such a building would mean to families, congregations, seniors attending retreats, and to young and teenage campers! What this REALLY means is, if we raise $40,000.00 by December 2001, the family would give Camp Hunt $80,000 to build a multipurpose building.

We have accepted the challenge! We totally believe that together we can meet this challenge! To help us focus on this present need, the Camp Hunt Board members decided to put the Endowment Fund effort on hold until the end of next year. We really need to rally in support of this God-given unique opportunity!


There are two ways to help us meet our goal of $40,000.00:

(1) You can give a one-time gift. If forty people gave $1,000 each, we would reach our objective. But we know that only a few are able to give so much at one time, so we developed Option 2.

(2) Sign up to have a monthly automatic draft drawn on your checking account. Click here to go directly to our bank draft form page. Using this method, you have to make only one decision to give to Camp Hunt, and the amount you choose to give will automatically be drafted for you every month. This plan saves you time, postage, and check expenses. That¹s a DEAL!

If you choose Option 1, please send whatever you can to Camp Hunt, c/o Jeanine Peck, 700 River Oaks Blvd., Searcy, AR, 72143. If you choose Option 2, please complete the On-Line Bank Draft Form now, and submit it to us. Together, we can raise the $40,000 by December 31, 2001.


Remember what Camp Hunt has meant to you and so many other people, and join with us in supporting this effort. GOD CAN BUILD THIS BUILDING! Let us be faithful in prayer and giving!